Rezaboite Pre-Stressed Concreteshuttering Slab

REZABOITE Pre-Stressed Concreteshuttering Slab

  • Flexible dimensions
  • Delivered ready to use
  • Resists the concrete’s pressure
  • Light, easy to handle
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Bears workers walking on it

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The REZABOITE PRE-STRESSED CONCRETE SHUTTERING SLABis a form box supplied with an alveolar cardboard board that slips under the strands. This board is machined to measure to take andmaintain the REZABOITE in position while the concrete is being cast. For this type of pre-stressed slab it is essential for the strands not to be cut while the pre-stressed slabs are being produced. The system enables the strands to go between the REZABOITE and the alveolar cardboard. The REZABOITE SHUTTERING SLABPC(Pre-stressed Concrete) provides a single solution for two functions:

  • Structural opening in pre-stressed concrete shuttering slab
  • Structural opening in compression slab


The REZABOITE PCis directly installed by the slab manufacturer when the pre-stressed slabs are cast. When the pre-stressed slabs are installed on site the form setter lays out the REZABOITE SHUTTERING SLAB to complete the structural opening up to the final slab without any handling – thereby saving a lot of time.



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Créez simplement et rapidement vos boites d'incorporation de gaines sanitaire/chauffage en dalle. Nos REZABOITE sont prêtes à l'emploi en moins de 20 secondes. La preuve en images !