Most of the products in the ECO-COFFRAGE range are made of AKYLUX® and AKYBOARD®
type alveolar polypropylene.

AKYLUX® : Akylux® boards of thicknesses varying from 3 to 10 mm are characterised by parallel corrugations that both allows easy folding (with the corrugation) and very good resistance to compression (against the corrugation). These boards are transformed into form boxes and permanent forms.

AKYBOARD® : The Akyboard® boards of thicknesses varying from 5 to 10 mm make use of a unique extrusion technology to obtain a board that is both rigid and light via a bubble or bee hive structure that gives it multidirectional resistance – an essential quality for creating sufficiently strong large-sized form boxes and for more sophisticated formworks such as opening mannequins. This special manufacturing process extrudes and assembles
the 3 board layers in one operation.

Main advantages of alveolar polypropylene boards:

  • Polypropylene is composed of carbon and hydrogen.
  • A non-toxic material 100% recyclable and chemically inert.
    It can therefore be incinerated without giving off noxious fumes.
  • The boards are light and damp-proof.
  • They do not create dust when being transformed or used.

The range of ECO-COFFRAGE products is completely free of PVC; so the products are compatible with the requirements of sites subject to HQE standards.