Extractible alveolar cardboard formwork panel for earthquake-resistant expansion joint.

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Since 2011, the EUROCODE 8 regulation for seismic risks provides measures, according to the location and the classification of the building, for the construction and the restoration of buildings. Among these measures there is the implementation of earthquake-resistant expansion joint. When the joint is completely free from impurities it will avoid resonance phenomenon between two buildings during an earthquake.

SIIB is very concerned about security and that is why it offers a new panel formwork for earthquake resistant expansion joint. The SISMO-C ® is a patented extractible formwork which enables the realization of earthquake resistant expansion joint completely free from impurities.

The SISMO-C ® is designed in alveolar cardboard, a light and handheld material that can perfectly resist to the concrete pressure. It is covered with woven fabric rolled polypropylene cloth that does not adhere to the concrete so that the extraction is facilitated. SIIB is an eco friendly company and that is why it uses only recyclable materials for the production of its SISMO-C ®.

 SISMO-C ® fully respects the EUROCODE 8 and allows the realization of a work in compliance with the earthquake resistance rules. SISMO-C ® can be removed in less than 1 minute with the help of the extraction tool designed by SIIB and with a tensile force between 500 and 1500 kg. When extracted, it reveals an earthquake-resistant expansion joint perfectly regular and devoid from impurities. No need to scrape or clean.


The product is available in standard dimensions :

- Width = 1.20 m

- Height = 3.00 ml

- Thickness = 4 cm or 6 cm

Please contact us for made-to-measure making

Features and advantages

>Light, handheld and 100% recyclable material

> Resist to the concrete pressure

> Do not adhere to the concrete

> Compatible with all concrete cast

> Standard and made-to-measure dimensions

> Fast extraction

> Orange adhesive on the SISMO-C ® sides create impermeability between panels.

> Regular and free from impurities joint

> Respect the EUROCODE 8

> Time and money saving: no need to clean or scrape

> Improve working conditions

> Delivered with resting plates for form ties passages and the extraction tool designed by SIIB.

Implementation and extraction

Caution and advice 

  • SISMO-C ® is necessarily extracted with the extraction tool designed by SIIB.
  • SISMO-C ® panels can be extracted with a tensile force between 500 and 1500 Kg that must be adjusted to their dimensions and to the set up of the worksite.
  • It is advisable to get the cardboard soaked with two buckets of water in order to facilitate the extraction.
  • Check the balancing of the extracting tool and the polypropylene film before the extraction.
  • Do not expose to bad weather


Extraction tool:

This extraction tool is designed especially for the SISMO-C ®.You just have to wrap the polypropylene film of the SISMO-C ® around the top of the extraction tool and extract it with a tensile force between 500 and 1500 Kg.

Resting plate:

Resting plate of 200 mm in diameter and pre-drilled for a 23 mm diameter hole for passage of form ties.


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