Rezaboite Network


  • Facetted structural opening
  • Easy dismantling of the lateral wall
  • Avoids breaking the PVC pipe after casting
  • Open bottom to let the evacuationpipe through
  • Resists bad weather
  • Supports the concrete’s pressure

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The REZABOITE NETWORK provides structural openings with neat formwork and optimal protection for slabbing or paving pipes/ducts.The duct outlet on the level of the slab is protected by the box that stays in place until the second piece of work. System without integrated formwork bottom.



The REZABOITE NETWORK is delivered to the dimensions specified. The diameter of the opening of the bottom is adjustable – which provides for rapid installation and saves concrete when stopping up.



Montage REZABOITE P et G

Créez simplement et rapidement vos boites d'incorporation de gaines sanitaire/chauffage en dalle. Nos REZABOITE sont prêtes à l'emploi en moins de 20 secondes. La preuve en images !