Rezaboite Girafe


  • Flexible dimensions
  • Delivered ready to use
  • Light, easy to handle
  • Resists bad weather
  • Quick to install, increased productivity
  • Resists the concrete’s pressure
  • Dismantles quickly
  • Complete security in the work area

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The REZABOITE GIRAFE enables formwork to be fitted to structural openings built into the floors of buildings for cold and hot water plumbing. Delivered already assembled for a strong, simple, and economical formwork for built-in structural openings. System without formwork bottom for non-traversal structural openings.



The REZABOITE GIRAFE is delivered to the dimensions specified. The diameter of the pre-drillings in the wall is adjustable. The pre-drillings have been designed to squeeze the duct and thereby prevent it from slipping back.



Montage REZABOITE P et G

Créez simplement et rapidement vos boites d'incorporation de gaines sanitaire/chauffage en dalle. Nos REZABOITE sont prêtes à l'emploi en moins de 20 secondes. La preuve en images !